Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 1 In Rotterdam

I arrived in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam around 6:30 a.m (NL time) which is somewhere around 12:30 p.m Kul time.

Grabbed my luggage and straight away went to the customs. Lucky there's no problem at all at the imigration

counter. I was a lil bit afraid since this is the first time i've been away far from Malaysia...

Then i met one Indian guy who luckily heading to Rotterdam as well. Guess it's better having a company rather than

walking aimlessly alone. We took the 8:12 a.m train to Rotterdam Central from Amsterdam Central train station.

Landed my foot in Rotterdam city around 9:30 a.m and took a cab to my service apartment in Zalmhaven. The taxi

driver was from Iraq but been living in Rotterdam for 10 good damn years.

Train fare - 11.20 Euro
Taxi fare - 7.90 Euro

Wow imagine the price in Malaysian currency.

I'm happy that i've arrived safely here but deep inside i miss my whole family. I really miss you my dear wife. I

miss my naughty 5 years old daughter and i definitely miss my 1 1/2 years old son.

Went out to buy some stuff. went to albert heijn store and bought some halal chicken burger and some other stuff.

before that i went to the blokker to buy some utensils... oh well some people knows why :)

then went to the central station to buy those anonymous cheap card. act like tng card for my early transportation.

need to take passport photo to make a unlimited boarding card which cause 40 euro per month. oh that cheap card

cost me 7.50 euro and i top up 10 euro guess i can claim on this as transport expenses...

the utensils cost around 30 euro all together which includes a tefal 20cm frying pans for 11.99 (original price was

12.99 euro). i think it cost more back in malaysia..

hrmm talking about the accomodation, they made me share with the other guy. the apartment is quite spacious. all

utilities are provided including washing machine and dryer.. :)

there's also 42 inch plasma tv which i wish i had one back at home..

on top of all this.. i do miss my family.. i miss my wife.. i miss my daughter.. i miss my son... yeah told you

guys earlier but damn.. i miss em alot.. now i know what's life without them.. thousands of kilometres apart.. :(

well ill continue more story later... maybe tomorrow :)

Here are some pictures of us before i left them :(

Me and my lovely wife....

Kakak Yang Comel dan Nakal....

Farhan Yang Lasak.....

Me at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Work In Progress

To Be Updated Soon!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Latest Pic of My Family and Oh Well Happy New Year

Ibu Dan Farhana

Farhana Boring Tunggu Aiskrim Coklat

Farhana Berangan Dok Ataih Pelamin (Pakcik Dia Sanding)

Farhan Buat Muka Cantik

Farhan Berangan Bawak Kete Sambil Tengok Iklan

Kakak & Adik