Monday, April 30, 2007

Seminggu Di DHL

salam semua... well as you all notice i havent update my blog for quite sometimes... i guess dah 3 minggu tak di update :) bukannya apa.. start 11/4 ari tu aku cuti.. well menghabiskan cuti aku yang 10 hari before my last day dekat maybank.. huh sedih gak masa nak blah tu.. bukannya apa.. this is the first time ive spend less than a year at one place.. and ive already felt i had nother family... but one thing.. if i dont think bout myself, who will? correct me if im wrong.. spending more time with family is much much better than others...

ari ni genap seminggu aku kerja kat tempat baru.. opis baru.. semua baru.. but then dekat sini aku kebetulan kerja satu opis ngan wandy, junior aku masa kat jasin + unitel dulu.. haha kecik je dunia ni.. sekarang ni seronok sikit.. kalau aku rasa malas.. kol 8 aku gerak dari rumah boleh sempat sampai opis.. hehee dokek j00.. cyberjaya dari putra height damn nice..

nak post gambar pon tak sempat nak transfer ke pc.. hrmm well seronok gak tempat baru ni.. streamyx diorang bayarkan.. nanti nak amikkan satu lagi line hp utk aku.. ye la dah kerja support.. :) lepas tu diorang kasi subsidi makan.. rm2 sehari utk 20 kali pakai sebulan :)

ok la nanti bebila free aku update ngan gambar sekali :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Career Change

salam everybody,

well not much to be told today i guess. why? coz im in no mood to tell you guys some funny things that happened. but well.. i guess i should start telling something right..

well on 27th of march i officially submitted my resignation letter to my boss. she acted like nothing is happening.. guess she already thought of me leaving this soon. then ive send the copy to our IT admin.. good news.. i have another 10 days of my annual leave. meaning ill be leaving maybank on 13th of april.. wow its 2 weeks from now.. :)

only a few people knows where im going to... why? coz i cant expose to everyone where im going. since there's a case for this 1 guy where hr people accidentally being told of where he's going. the result.. yang di kejar tak dapat yang di kendong berciciran... well he submitted his resignation letter before the other company issues the offer letter. then someone from HR talked to the new employer of his and suddenly bham! no offer letter. poor lil guy...

nothing much interesting happened throughout the week.. cept for the weekend. me and my wife took hana to the mattel/fisher price warehouse sale.. you know what? ive spend about 400 ringgit just for toys.. haha what a maniac i am.. i bought around 100 for my self.. nother 200 for my daughter.. and the rest is for my niece back in malacca... the price was cheap.. and yeah im gonna go again next year :) i guess ill put down some of the thing i bought on saturday..

Avatar Aang the windbinder action figure - rm20
hotwheel enter the mummy - rm30
superman save the building - rm25

barbie stable - rm40
barbie party dress x2 - rm60

spongebob - rm25

and bla bla bla.. penuh woo my car trunk.. hehehe :)

on the way to malacca, we stopped by at ayer keroh jejantas.. my wife bought a nike shirt for her first nephew.. well its for his birthday gift. she told me that she never miss giving him a gift on his birthday.. aa well its her nephew..

then on sunday my in law buat kenduri tahlil for her late husband.. later at night me and my wife took my inlaw to D'Nangka one of the restaurant in bukit katil.. the food was good. and the price is just perfect for the food.. fug me then how do i put it in words.. wanker!

nothing much happened on the weekend and we got back to putra heights on monday evening.. well let me share with you guys some pictures ive took :)

hehe ingat nak beli utk anak aku.. tapi tak berkenan plak bini aku ngan kalernya

t-shirt wife aku beli untuk anak sedare dia :)
gambar depan

gambar belakang

ni plak gambar hana ngan cousin dia ifa.. :)